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The Dermapen

The Dermapen slips and glides over your skin creating micro-punctures to aerate your skin and penetrate the skin through microchannels.

What Is Dermapen?

The Dermapen slips and glides over your skin creating micro-punctures to aerate your skin and penetrate the skin through microchannels. It triggers your body to produce collagen and elastin through a natural healing process. This concept is based on the skin’s innate ability to repair itself whenever any damage occurs. The Dermapen activates skin repair without the risk of scarring. This micro-needling treatment tricks the body into repairing itself. This technique can be done quickly and easily keeping the epidermis intact and down-time minimal.

How Is The Procedure Done?



The Dermapen consists of a series of micro-needles to open channels that allow the skin to heal itself.


Further Skin Improvement

Our dermatologists will also recommend different skin treatments that will further improve the skin alongside the Dermapen.


Customized To You

The treatment can be customized for every skin type and age. The dermatologists will use varying intensities in target areas and delicate areas.

Is The Treatment Safe?

The Dermapen procedure is administered by our experienced Board Certified Dermatologists in a sterile and safe environment.

The Dermapen allows for individual sterilized, one-time use needle tips that eliminate the risk of cross infection.

Why should I use Dermapen?


Scarring And Anti-Aging

With Dermapen the product goes right where it needs to go. This advanced skin micro-needling device has consistently demonstrated significant improvement for scarring and anti-aging.


Acne Scars

In our experience, it is very successful in the treatment of acne scars. Along with improved skin quality and texture, our patients enjoy firmer and smoother skin.


Fine Lines And Wrinkles

The Dermapen is effective is reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as, minimizing pores, stretch marks, and sun spots. The custom treatment can include vitamins and other products for even more results.

The Dermapen is very successful at preventing wrinkles. This micro needling technique promotes new skin growth through the science of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). The patent vertical stamping method used by Dermapen is the most effective way to stimulate new skin quickly and easily.

Dermapen Photo Gallery

before and after Dermapen miami dermatology

Before Using Dermapen

Cheeks have noticeable acne scars.

Dermapen before and after

After Using Dermapen

Acne scars have become alot less noticeable.


Dermapen wrinkles miami dermatology

Before Using Dermapen

Cheek area had prominent wrinkles.

Dermapen before and after dermatologist

After Using Dermapen

Wrinkles on the cheek area have become less visible


Dermapen before and after dermatologist

Before Using Dermapen

Upper cheek has visible acne scars and blemishes

Dermapen facial scars

After Using Dermapen

Blemishes and acne scars have become less visible.


Miami Dermapen

Before Using Dermapen

Chin area has visible acne scars.

Miami Dermatologist Dermapen

After Using Dermapen

Acne scars in the chin area are almost unnoticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment can be uncomfortable for some patients. Light numbing cream is typically used to avoid any discomfort.

On average, two or three treatments over the course of three months are recommended for a noticeable difference. For more dramatic results, about 5-6 treatments are recommended. Once you’ve reached the desired effects Treatment boosts every 12-24 weeks help keep the skin fresh and firm.

Micro-needling works well at minimizing acne scars and improving pores. This treatment involves minimal risk, especially when practiced by a well-versed board-certified dermatologist. Our use of Dermapen offers a sterilized and safe micro-needling solution. Dermapen can also be used alongside any fillers that you may already have.